Home Aquariums For Beginners

//Home Aquariums For Beginners
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There are many popular movies and shows featuring wildlife found in our oceans and seas. If Finding Nemo (or Dory!) has inspired you to have a fish tank in your own home, here are some hints to help you be successful.

Best Fish For Beginners

When visiting the fish area at Pets Plus, ask which fish make the best pets for beginners. The answers will depend on the size of tank you are thinking of, where you plan to keep the tank in your home, how much time you have to care for the fish, and the hardiness of the specific types of fish you are considering. Betta fish, goldfish, tetras, guppies, mollies, and platys are just some of the fish that are suitable for beginners.

Bettas are one of the easiest fish to own. With minimal care and set up, your betta can happily live on your kitchen counter or office desk. You’ll enjoy watching this colorful and peaceful fish as you go about your day. They love warmth, so they are a good choice all-around for our Florida environment.

Choose Pets Wisely!

Home aquariums are a great way to learn about animals and connect with nature. Saltwater aquariums are a little complex as a starter tank, so consider a freshwater tropical or goldfish aquarium if you are a first-time owner. When selecting fish, pick commercially raised fish from stores like ours. Never take fish from ponds or streams or release fish into the wild.

Remember that all pets, including fish, require much care and attention as well as an investment of time and money. You must take time to learn about the animal and its care prior to bringing them home. Ask our friendly associates here at Pets Plus for help choosing a pet fish, and the aquarium and supplies you will need. We are more than happy to help you choose the right home for your new friends, and help you learn how to care for them.


Become an Ocean Expert!

To expand your knowledge of wildlife in the world around you, visit the ocean or your local aquarium or zoo. You can also learn more about ocean animals like sharks, rays, coral reefs and sea turtles by visiting DisneyAnimals.com.

Visit our aquatics section at Pets Plus with any questions you may have about adding an aquarium to your home. You will notice that we have recently added a self-serve pet wash to our store and have consolidated our aquatics section to feature our most popular scaly friends. We also are now offering special ordering of salt and fresh water fish (and more), which allows us to extend much lower prices and a wider selection to our more advanced hobbyists.

Nicole Apostle is the marketing director at Pets Plus.